WELCOME TO NAHRGIS: Georgia's Natural, Archaeological, and Historic Resources GIS

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NAHRGIS is an interactive Web-based registry and geographical information system designed to catalog information about the natural, archaeological, and historic resources of Georgia.

In its current, initial phase of development, NAHRGIS contains information about Georgia's archaeological and historic resources. In the NAHRGIS system, archaeological resources means archaeological sites recorded in the Georgia Archaeological Site File. Historic resources includes buildings, structures, historic sites, landscapes, and districts included in the Historic Preservation Division's Historic Resources Survey or listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

This information has been compiled by the Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Natural Resources-Georgia's state historic preservation office-in collaboration with the Georgia Archaeological Site File at the University of Georgia.For more information about the Historic Preservation Division,click the logo below:

NAHRGIS is made possible through cooperation from the following organizations.

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